Is your development affected by adverse section 106 costs or affordable housing contributions?


As a company we act for both developers and for a number of Local Authorities which places us in an ideal position to understand the complexities of financial viability from both opposing sides. This provides us with the knowledge to analyse developments in terms of their strengths and their weaknesses, allowing our reports to provide the most robust case possible.

Roger Hannah have a wide range of experience in providing economic viability assessments for a variety of developments across the country. As surveyors, we have an extensive knowledge of how to effectively negotiate and plan proposals for reducing your section 106 costs or decrease affordable housing requirements.

We can help to turn your development from unviable to viable.

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Public Space Contributions Removed to Bring Forward Scheme

Roger Hannah have recently been involved in ensuring that an Affordable Housing and Extra Care Scheme…

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More Employment Land Release Success

Roger Hannah have been successful in releasing land from employment use at the former Briars Lane…

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