Party Wall Services

Are you or your neighbour building close to an adjoining wall? We are specialist Party Wall Surveyors and can act on behalf of both building owners and adjoining owners.

What building work does it involve?

  • Work on an existing wall shared with another property
  • Building on the boundary
  • Excavation near a neighbouring building


What does the Act cover?

  • New building on or astride the site boundary line between properties.
  • Various works affecting an existing party wall including extending it, underpinning, rebuilding, repairing, or reducing it.
  • Excavation or construction of foundations for a new building within 3m of a neighbouring building if work will go deeper than the neighbour’s foundations.
  • Excavation or construction of foundations for a new building within 6m of a neighbours building where the work would cut a line drawn downwards at 45° from the bottom of the neighbours foundations.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 

Under the Act, Building Owners are required to serve notice and obtain the Adjoining Owner’s consent to the works. If consent is not provided a dispute is deemed to have arisen and Party Wall Surveyors must be appointed so that the dispute can be resolved by way of a Party Wall Award.

Do I also need a schedule of condition?

It is recommended under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 to prepare a Schedule of Condition, prior to undertaking works to an existing Party Wall, Structure and / or adjacent excavation works.

What will a Schedule of Condition Provide?

Our Chartered Party Wall Surveyors are active members of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club (founded in 1974), promoting excellence in Party Wall practice.

Roger Hannah has a wealth of property related experience and regularly acts on behalf of building and adjoining owners in respect of Party Wall matters.

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