Charity Work

The Oasis Centre located in Gorton, provides help to over 100 people a week, including families, asylum seekers, refugees, ex-offenders, those struggling with long-term unemployment, homelessness, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and mental health issues and has been proudly made the chosen charity of Roger Hannah.

Their goal is to work with the very vulnerable people, who fall below the radar of most public services, providing them with food, education and support so that they can access the help they need to get back on their feet.

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Inspiring to see our company charity on BBC1 (sill available on IPlayer). Rev Kate Bottley hears the moving story of Gorton resident Victoria Armstrong and how she selflessly opens the Oasis Centre to serve the local community.

View the 4 minute feature on IPlayer:


…it’s a strong and loving community of passionate people who work tirelessly to ensure the lives of the most vulnerable members of society in East Manchester are changed for the better.

Since it opened its doors in 2001, the Oasis Centre have developed an effective education programme that helps the most vulnerable in their community re-build their existence from chaos to stability, re-engage with their character from isolation to inclusion, re-skills their personal qualities and attributes delivering a focus from hopelessness to aspiration and then endeavours to re-start their lives back to employment.

Through 5 linked programmes, the dedicated team at The Oasis Centre in Gorton, provide holistic support for their clients.

The Oasis Centre does not receive government funding, therefore, whilst they do have access to grants, the bulk of their income is generated by the gifts of ordinary people and caring businesses.

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Victoria Armstrong, CEO of the The Oasis Centre makes it clear:

“It is always our aim to respond to the fundamental root causes of these critical situations, and experience has shown us that this is far more likely to be positive, once trust has been established through our initial and immediate human response to the crisis.”

Simon Cook, Director of Roger Hannah comments:

“For us as a Business it has been an absolute pleasure to be involved with the Oasis Centre. Their work is having a transformational effect on the lives of so many people in East Manchester and it is a honour to be involved in the Oasis Centre journey.

Our involvement involves most members of our team and includes volunteering, fund raising, donation of clothes and professional work.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of our involvement has been our work in identifying a site for the new centre and negotiating the property transaction that will release funds to help in the construction of the new building.

Our involvement with the Oasis Centre has done us more good than we can ever do for them.”