Local Authorities

Do you have a developer’s submission wanting to deviate from policy?

Do you feel that a developer’s assessment does not reflect actual project viability?

As a company we act for a number of local authorities on a consultancy basis and reviewing applicants’ submissions. Specifically we have acted for High Peak Borough Council in reviewing applicants’ Economic Viability Assessments to ascertain whether or not the conclusions drawn are correct.

The current economic climate has affected development severely and made planning gain aspirations extremely difficult to achieve. It is evident that there is a need for local authorities to recognise that planning gain aspirations relate to the viability of a proposed development and these must be proportionate.

There is a need for local authorities to be flexible when it comes to negotiating planning gain packages with developers, to assist the recovery of the new build residential market and bring forward previously unviable and stagnated sites. By committing to such a process, not only are blighted sites brought back into an economic use but at the same time the national housing shortage is lessened.

There are however, instances when developers seek to avoid planning gain unreasonably it is therefore important to have a strong assessment process in order to identify the legitimacy of these claims.  We provide these services.

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We work with councils in order to achieve planning gain aspirations entirely or to look at alternative methods of developer contributions.