Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Prevention is always better than the cure and often a more cost effective and economical option.

We deliver 5 - 20 Year programmes

Manchester High School for Girls 10 Year PPM - Case Study

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) surveys are a crucial tool to enable building owners and Tenants to maintain the Building Fabric and Mechanical & Electrical installations proactively whilst managing and improving their commercial asset over a specific period of time.

PPM reports prepared by Roger Hannah are generally instructed to cover 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. We tailor our PPMs to reflect the client’s needs, assist with budget expenditure and deliver within an agreeable time frame. 

Roger Hannah’s Planned Preventative Maintenance reports include the identification of defects, lifecycle predictions, budget costings and forecasts with recommended timescales over an agreed period of time that’s tailored to each individual client.

Prevention is better than cure and provides a more economical option!

PPM advantages include:

Improved Lifecycle: the main purpose for a PPM is to prolong the longevity of the Building Fabric and Mechanical & Electrical installations.    

Health & Safety: to be able to provide the safety and best environment to operate you need your Building Fabric and Mechanical & Electrical installations in the best possible condition.  

Improved Scheduling: PPM is a more economical use of maintenance engineers times as they are able to work based on the scheduled plans of the preventative maintenance rather than a reactive basis.

Reduced Insurance Premiums: well-maintained fabric and equipment are generally considered safer.    

Prevention: due to the regular nature of PPMs they prevent the deterioration of the building fabric and M&E equipment therefore avoiding large scale/capital refurbishment schemes.

Value/Aesthetics: Well-maintained stock offering their best possible condition.

With available capital to maintain and improve their building stock, Roger Hannah prepared a 10 Year PPM schedule.
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Case Study

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PPM within the Education Sector

Projects we’ve delivered for the Education Sector have included:

Roof Refurbishments | Boiler Upgrades | Fire Door Replacements | Fire Alarm Upgrades | Kitchen Refurbishments | Kitchen Extensions | School Extensions | Canteen Upgrades | LED Lighting Installations | Science Lab Refurbishment | Sports Facility Upgrades | Changing Room Refurbishments.

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