Future Investment Opportunities

Roger Hannah’s reputation to directly associate ‘buyers with sellers’ is intensifying. Consequentially, we have seen a dramatic rise in our investment opportunities. We have an increasing number of commercial/residential development firms and property portfolio partners who are happy to continue in growing our real business partnership further.

Our other positive synergies with robust and well established Agencies throughout the Northwest region, ensures we are also not bound to our own commercial and residential portfolio margins, resulting in an efficient and comprehensive approach to our investor’s needs.

We therefore have a demand to re-establish our buyers focus and parameters. Roger Hannah also looks to add to the list of buyers we have, as the next few years promises to be exciting.

We can find the investment opportunity you are looking to buy.

We welcome your contact and matching your requirements with options.

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Your property requirements offered below will be treated privately. We promise to only contact you when necessary, as we too despise timewasters. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly.