Land Valuations

Land is an asset which carries a value that landowners or potential investors may wish to become privy to. 

Obtaining a land valuation requires an inspection of the site along with conducting research related to the land itself, which will allow for an accurate and independent valuation to be achieved. This may include understanding the value of nearby plots and possible usage options for the land that may make it more or less valuable. 

As one of the leading land surveying firms in the North West, Roger Hannah undertakes land valuations as part of our wide range of property and land services. Our RICS registered valuers carry out valuations in accordance with the RICS Valuation Registration Scheme, which ensures consistency while maintaining professional standards. 

If you require a land valuation, we’re here to help. As a 50 strong team of chartered surveyors, we can guide you through the entire acquisition, development and disposal process of your land, including obtaining a valuation. We can also assist any other parties such as lenders, investors or legal professionals who require an independent valuation of a piece of land. 

Our advice provided in respect of land can be required in respect of:

  • Acquisition / Disposal
  • Loan Security
  • Accounting / Financial Reporting
  • Inheritance Tax (probate)
  • Development
  • Expert Witness

All our valuations are undertaken by RICS Registered Valuers. This scheme provides clients with a clearly identifiable designation for the best regulated and qualified valuation professionals in the field. The Valuer Registration Scheme assures the quality of valuations, which are a key component underpinning most economic activity, to raise the credibility of Valuers.

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Why Are Land Valuations Carried Out?

Land valuations can be carried out for a vast number of reasons, depending on the party involved. A typical example is an owner of a piece of land, who wants an accurate valuation to be able to make an informed choice with regards to selling the land, or what the potential income could be of a planned investment. 

Land can also appreciate or depreciate in value over time, meaning landowners may want a recent update on their asset solely for their records. 

Here is an overview of some of the reasons why land valuations are requested to shed light on the practice. 


When completing company accounting, the valuation of any assets the company owns may need to be declared including any land. As accounting must be accurate for financial and legal purposes, an independent valuation will ensure due diligence. 

Acquisition or Disposal

As an asset to either be sold or purchased, landowners or potential investors naturally want to know what the land is worth so that an informed financial decision can be made. In some cases, landowners may wish to wait for the land value to appreciate, or they may require advice on the potential usages based on its condition or status (i.e brownfield sites versus greenbelt sites). 


Land that is currently occupied or yet to be built on has the potential to be developed on, depending on its status. To know whether a piece of land is a viable development opportunity, obtaining a valuation will offer clarity for landowners, developers, local councils and investors alike. Crucially, there may be a large difference between the value of the land and its purchase price without such information. 

Taking real estate developments as an example, vacant land is often purchased for new housing or commercial developments. Therefore, a developer would want to calculate their return on investment based on the cost of the land as well as the cost of building the property as part of a comprehensive overview of the costs involved. 

Expert Witness

An expert witness is an individual who is called to court to provide independent, unbiased expertise relating to ongoing court proceedings. In terms of land valuations, our expert witness services can inform a court of the valuation of the land so that the judge and jurors can consider our findings as part of their evidence. 

Inheritance Tax (Probate)

Calculating the estate of a deceased person must take into account all of their assets which may include land. A land valuation for probate may be required for the following reasons:

  • Obtaining the value of the estate is needed for the probate application
  • To calculate whether inheritance tax needs to be paid and if so, how much
  • To calculate any capital gains tax, which takes into consideration the value of the land compared to when it was originally purchased
  • To ensure that any outstanding debts can be paid and any remaining funds are correctly distributed to any beneficiaries 

Loan Security

When seeking a loan either within a personal capacity or to secure more funds for a business, lenders often require security in the form of property or land. If the land has any significant value, then it may be used to secure the loan in addition to or in place of other assets. 

Market Value Fluctuations

The market value of all land is subject to fluctuations, which could be a result of nearby developments or inflation. 

So while any of the above reasons will factor in the current market value of the land, another purpose for obtaining a valuation could simply be to see if the land has increased or decreased in value since it was first purchased. 

The information could then be used to decide whether the land should be left to increase in value before selling, or whether now would be the right time to capitalise on your investment.

Do I Need A Land Valuation?

Aside from the above reasons as to why land valuations are carried out, it is always helpful to have an up to date valuation of any asset you own. For example, with a residential property, obtaining a valuation can help you decide whether to sell, rent, carry out renovation works or hold onto the property until its value appreciates to give a healthy return on your investment. 

Land is similar in that without a true understanding of its value, it’s impossible to make an informed choice about any potential plans. Obtaining a valuation periodically is therefore advised. Plus, doing so will ensure that any future plans have a better chance at being fully realised because you are aware of the value before making any financial investments or deals relating to the land. 

How We Work Out The Value Of The Land

How we value land is by using our expertise as chartered surveyors and property experts to determine an accurate figure for our clients. Similar to valuing property, there are a number of factors that will be considered before we arrive at a valuation figure for a piece of land. Some common considerations include:

  • Land location
  • Plot size
  • Plot condition
  • Plot classification 
  • Any nearby points of interest
  • Potential usage including any planning approval sought 

Example: Vacant land in Manchester City Centre that has planning permission for a residential or commercial development would likely possess a significant value. That’s because the area is in high demand and the usage possibilities would generate multiple opportunities for income. 

Land values are also going to be dependent on the types of usage potential the land possesses. In addition, how much work would be involved to make the land usable. Inflation as well as any similar aspects that have the potential to increase or decrease the valuation of the land will also be considered so that we arrive at a figure that is both accurate and independent. 

Land Valuations Manchester

Roger Hannah is a leading firm of Chartered Surveyors and Property Managers. We offer land valuations along with commercial property valuations and residential property valuations as part of our wide range of services. 

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