Scheme Promoters


We have in depth experience in working with public authorities to make schemes happen from inception to delivery.

We understand all aspects of compulsory purchase and our team has a track record of working with public authorities and developers in making both public schemes and large scale developments happen.  We advise our clients on the right strategy to adopt to achieve the desired results.

We also represent public authorities in one off problem compensation cases often involving Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) proceedings.  This includes picking up cases that are not working for a public authority and resolving the matter on their behalf.

Our public authority clients include representing local authorities, International Airports and Utility Companies in the CPO process.

Our Compulsory Purchase team provides a comprehensive service to public authorities looking to make a CPO.

  • Advising on the extent that CPO powers should be used
  • Providing property budget estimates for a CPO
  • Advising on what properties should be included/excluded from a CPO
  • Preparing statement of reasons in support of a CPO
  • Providing expert witness evidence and attending public inquiries
  • Liaising  and communicating with affected parties
  • Negotiating the acquisition of properties and rights prior to a CPO
  • Negotiating with statutory objectors throughout the process
  • Acquiring properties and rights after the grant of CPO powers
  • Negotiating all aspects of compensation including business disturbance
  • Liaising with other professionals providing input to the process e.g solicitors and forensic accountants.
  • Advising on making references to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)
  • Preparing expert witness reports to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)
  • Acting as expert witness at the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)
  • Dealing with Part 1 claims following the opening of a scheme