Do you need help in providing a Viability Report to the Local Planning Authority?

We understand that in the current economic climate development schemes are increasingly difficult to make viable. Pressures from Local Authorities to provide excessive planning gains can make an attractive scheme far less appealing. At Roger Hannah we believe in helping our clients to maximise profit where possible or alternatively to show that the Local Authority’s affordable housing requirements make your development unviable.

Make it viable

We are able to help make your scheme viable through the negotiation of Section 106 and affordable housing responsibilities.

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We provide comprehensive reports in order to negotiate the contributions that your scheme is subject to. Our work with developers and local authorities provide us with the necessary experience to analyse the entirety of a development scheme. We understand that each scheme has strengths and weaknesses in arguing a reduction or removal of planning obligations.

It is therefore important to provide a report that studies all angles of the development in order to provide a robust case for viability.

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We are able to help make your scheme viable through the negotiation of Section 106 and affordable housing responsibilities.