Tenant Lease Renewal

Have you received a Section 25 notice from your landlord or has your landlord made proposals for a new lease?

Is your lease due to expire and do you require advice with regard to requesting a renewal of your tenancy?

If so, our team will provide you with essential advice and representation including provision of valuation advice in respect of the market rent and the negotiation of the rent and lease terms with the landlord or landlord’s representative.

Market conditions rental levels and can fundamentally influence negotiation strategy at lease renewal and our team will provide you with strategic advice as to how best to proceed and optimise your position.

If you have been served with a Section 25 Notice you must take the appropriate action to protect your position and failure to do so will result in the damaging loss of your important rights, potentially leading to the loss of your business premises.  If you are in receipt of such notice you should contact a member of our team immediately for advice as to how best to proceed.

We successfully settle almost all of our lease renewals by negotiation but in the rare occasions where agreement cannot be reached it may be necessary to refer matters to Court or Mediation. In such cases, our team will represent you in such proceedings, drawing on their experience and skills to ensure the appropriate result is achieved, whilst protecting your position and minimising any exposure to costs.

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By providing basic detail, can allow us to swiftly advise on the best approach for you moving forward….saves time that way.