The Rural Support Zone (RSZ) is an area which has been established within Phases 1 and 2a for people who live within an area which starts at the outer border of the Safeguarded Zone and stops 120m from the centre of the line. As a result, properties within this area are not required for the delivery of the route. There are two discretionary schemes available within the RSZ.

Cash Offer

This is a lump sum payment of 10% of the unblighted Market Value,subject to a minimum £30,000 and maximum payment of £100,000.

This offer provides an alternative to owner occupiers who wish to remain within their community.

Voluntary Purchase

HS2 Limited will buy the property for 100% of the unblighted Market Value.

Both schemes are available within Phase 1, 2a and 2b until one year after the line is first open for public use. Once the line is open those property owners who are within the RSZ will be able to make a claim for Part 1 compensation under the Land Compensation Act 1973.