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Do you require Repairs funding?

CIF is a Government Scheme designed to help upgrade and maintain your building fabric, mechanical & electrical systems.

Do you require Expansion funding?

Academies and Sixth-Form Colleges rated good or outstanding by Ofsted can use CIF for expansion projects if they can demonstrate a need.

Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

Condition Improvement Fund (commonly referred to as CIF), is an annual Government Scheme for Academies & Sixth Form Colleges who can apply for funding. This funding is designed to help upgrade and maintain their building fabric, mechanical & electrical systems to ensure they are in good condition to provide students and teaching staff with a suitable and safe working environment.

In addition, Academies and Sixth-Form Colleges rated good or outstanding by Ofsted, the Condition Improvement Fund also supports a small proportion of expansion projects to those who can demonstrate a need to expand.

All applications that seek new classrooms or other forms of expansion require detailed, expert, knowledge. Typically, you will be required to provide details of the design, cost and overall building programme.

At Roger Hannah, we can provide you with free specific detailed information pertaining to your Schools/Academies qualifying position allowing you, with the Governing Body, to make an informed decision and ultimately progress to the next stage of your CIF funding application.

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Does your Academy or Sixth Form College require refurbishment, repair or expansion? Apply for Condition Improvement Funding Now!

Roger Hannah can assist you through the entire process to ensure your school is best positioned for CIF funding consideration, which could include:

Fabric Projects

  • Roof refurbishments/replacements
  • Security & safeguarding
  • Window & curtain wall replacements
  • Extensions to existing accommodation
  • Sport facilities upgrades

Mechanical & Electrical Projects

  • Gas & electrical safety works and upgrades
  • Heating alterations and upgrades
  • Ventilation/air quality and thermal comfort
  • Fire safety
  • Lift safety

How Roger Hannah Can Help

Here at Roger Hannah, we can help you during the CIF funding process in several different ways. We can help with the following:

  • Write CIF bids, or support the writing thereof
  • Obtain competitive quotations during the bid process
  • Manage the project if the bid is successful
  • Complete and submit progress reports
  • Cost manage the entire project
  • And procure expert surveyors to ensure project safety once complete (structural, fire hazards, etc.)

With a high bid success rate, the team here at Roger Hannah are determined to help secure your CIF funding and ensure the success of the project. 

How Long Does it Take to Write a Condition Improvement Fund Bid?

Leaving your bid to the last minute is a mistake that many school’s make, to their detriment. Ensuring that there is plenty of time to prepare and then review your CIF funding bid again is important. Preparing the supporting information alone can be a lengthy process. For many, consulting a Condition Improvement Fund expert is important, as it can speed up the process.

However, even if you do involve an expert, it is important to leave plenty of time before the deadline to prepare your school’s bid. A period greater than 6-months would be most ideal.

Why involve us, what is the process?

Roger Hannah has extensive expertise in the Education sector offering support to Academies who are bidding for CIF funding. We deliver a wide range of services targeting any part of the bidding process right through to the completion of the project.

Submit the full bid on behalf of the Academy
Support the Academies’ Business Manager in writing a bid
Design the project; including production of drawings & specifications to suite each indicial bid/project
Go to market for competitive quotations to support all CIF bids
Provide Cost Management Services
Provide H&S/Principal Designer Services

Successful CIF Academy Application - Case Study

Who Can Apply for CIF Funding?

To qualify for the Condition Improvement Fund, your school must fall under some of the following criteria:

  • Have functioned as an open academy or sixth-form from 1st September 2020.
  • A school with a signed academy order as of 1st September 2020 (which then must have fully converted to academy status as of April 2021, with a funding agreement in place).
  • The school must NOT be part of a multi-academy trust; with 5 or more academies or with more than 3,000 pupils. As these schools will receive a School Condition Allocation (SCA).

General Timescales from Application to Notification:

Each year the exact dates for CIF applications vary, but please see below the general timescales from year to year:

  1. Launch of the forthcoming years CIF updated information and online application window – Mid-October
  2. Deadline for new applicants to register end of November
  3. Deadline for all applicants to submit applications Mid-December
  4. Notification of applicant’s outcomes Spring the following year

With the deadline for the current year’s CIF funding always in sight, now is the time to prepare your application. We welcome school’s at various stages, including those just starting the Condition Improvement Fund process and those who have completed their application. We are dedicated to provide both feedback and advice at all stages.

Department for Education has already published the Condition Improvement Fund 2019 to 2020 outcome and confirm funding of £433 million for 1,412 projects at 1,209 academies and sixth-form colleges.

FREE Application Advice

If you require detailed information on the application process and applying for funding, provide your direct contact details and the address of the School/Academy and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us directly:

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Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Roger Hannah’s Planned Preventative Maintenance reports are sometimes integral to the delivery of a considered CIF funding application and the commencement of the project afterwards. they typically include the identification of defects, lifecycle predictions, budget costings and forecasts with recommended timescales over an agreed period of time that’s tailored to each individual school.

Prevention is better than cure and provides a more economical option!

How can PPM benefit our school?