Eligible owners within Phase 1 can apply for a homeowner payment.  Phase 2a homes will be eligible once authorised by Parliament.

To be eligible for the payment, the owner or occupier of a residential, agricultural, or commercial property must:

  • Be a freeholder or long-term leaseholder with at least 3 years left on the lease;
  • Be living or running a business from the property, or have done so for at least 6 months in the last 18 months (if vacant);
  • Have bought the property before 9th April 2014 for Phase 1 and before 30th November 2015 for Phase 2a.

Where commercial properties have a Rateable Value of more than £36,000 (or £44,200 inside Greater London), the homeowner payment will not be available.

If your home is outside of the safeguarded zone but less than 120 metres from the line and you live in a rural area, you may be eligible for compensation under the Rural Support Zone (RSZ).

If a property is within more than one band, the claimant will be eligible for the higher payment.