We will deal with all aspects of rent collection for your property including VAT, service charge, insurance and utility recoveries. Our team has over 20 years of expertise in credit control and can quickly call upon other services in order to deal with all debt collection and negotiate payment plans where necessary.

The world of commercial debt collection changed in 2014 with the abolishment of ‘Distress laws’ and the introduction of ‘CRAR’ (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery). Many feared at the time that this would greatly affect the Landlords ability to recover rent arrears however at Roger Hannah & Co we have worked closely with a national debt collection firm in order to make this transition easier with little impact on our clients. We believe in acting quickly and have a process set up that works and gets results.


We monitor all expenditure closely and always seek to find the best value for our clients whether that be through our approved contractors or utility providers. We believe that this is key to maintaining a healthy Landlord and Tenant relationship and provide good value for tenants also through the charging of Service charges.

Our Property Management software is one of the leaders in the market and this combined with our experienced finance team means we are able to produce service charge budgets tailored around each individual property and client in line with the RICS code.

We ensure that Tenants are invoiced accurately in line with the terms of their lease and that our clients are able to make full recovery of their expenditure where possible. We are able to monitor budgets throughout the year and identify any over or under recoveries in advance of carrying out the full end of year reconciliation and certification process.


Our experienced finance team work closely with the Property Managers to ensure that Tenants are invoiced all Rent and services in accordance with the terms of their lease. They also work with our facilities team when it comes to re-charging utility costs whether that be electric, gas or water in order to make sure of accurate recovery. Profit and Loss reports are produced on a regular basis to monitor both expenditure and recovery.

We normally report and account to our clients on a monthly basis and we are able to tailor our reporting around individual client’s needs.


Our dedicated purchase ledger team are focused on making sure that all expenditure invoices received are accurate and authorised before any payment is made. There is a strict process in place to ensure that invoices are correct and paid in accordance with the relevant payment terms.

Our 5 year Journey

As a company we challenge ourselves to be client focussed and the most competitive largest Independent Property Management company in the North West. As a result, we have invested in new comprehensive property management systems and processes to meet our clients changing needs while appreciating RICS fluctuating guidelines and requirements.

How do our investments affect you?

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